Design Giving
A print publication dedicated to supporting independent designers and makers.

Our founder


Our founder

Founded in 2018 by Laura Jane Boast, a specialist in print design and production. Committed to producing print responsibly, Laura supports businesses to impactfully deliver meaningful brand experiences in a sustainable way through her Manchester-based agency, LJB Studio.

The name Design Giving came from the compression of the phrase ‘where design thinking becomes thoughtful giving’; a conceptual definition by Laura, that describes a process and a way of designing that is more thoughtful and more considerate to both people and the planet.

Laura, said: "I wanted to celebrate independent designers and makers who: design high-quality products that are the antithesis of throwaway, that carefully design to create less waste, support their local charities, and use materials with a lower environmental impact.”

"It's about sharing a passion for materials that make the world a better place to live, work and play.”