What is Design Giving?

Design Giving is a publication celebrating well-crafted products that inspire creativity, improve people’s lives and are kinder to the planet.

We believe in good design, and feel it’s equally important to know the person and story behind every creation. Our aim is to provide a platform for sharing and supporting independent designers and makers who create with a responsible and thoughtful ethos.

As consumers we are becoming more conscious of where products are made and what they are made from. As designers we are increasingly wanting to do our bit for the environment, but are often unaware of the possibilities and the changes we can make to our own process.

We want to make thoughtful design more accessible to consumers looking to buy their next favourite product, and more approachable to designers looking to specify environmentally friendly print.

Davy J

Where did the idea come from?

The name Design Giving came from the compression of the phrase ‘where design thinking becomes thoughtful giving’; a conceptual definition by founder Laura Jane Boast, that describes a process and a way of designing that is more thoughtful and more considerate to both people and the planet.

Laura, said: "I wanted to celebrate independent designers and makers who: design high-quality products that are the antithesis of throwaway, that carefully design to create less waste, support their local charities, and use materials with a lower environmental impact.”

"It's about sharing a passion for materials that make the world a better place to live, work and play."



Each volume of Design Giving magazine consists of four feature sections:

I – Design investigates designers' meaningful rationales
II – Thinking interviews designers & celebrates their working processes
III – Thoughtful shares stories from a designer’s perspective
IV – Giving recommends useful material resources


Our contributors

Our annual publication Design Giving features both established and emerging designers, makers and manufacturers from various creative disciplines; bringing you thoughtfully designed clothing, jewellery, books, stationery and home accessories.

We have carefully selected our designers, and only work with those who share our values and are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact. For balance, we have made a conscious decision that each designer featured works with a different material.

Find out more about our designers here.


Our four values

Give time
We invest time in slow decision making to design high-quality, well-crafted products that are built to last.

Give purpose
We make meaningful design choices that aim to improve people’s lives and well-being.

Give thoughtfully
We utilise materials in a responsible and thoughtful way, that are kinder to the planet.

Give inspiration
We think curiously, question every part of the process, and push design boundaries to inspire creativity.


Our charity partner

Laura Jane Boast, founder of Design Giving has chosen to support her local mental health charity, Manchester Mind. With our first issue, we are proud to say that Manchester Mind will receive 5% from magazine sales, enabling their services to continue improving the lives of 5000 young people and adults with mental health issues.

Joanna Huddart at Manchester Mind said, “Thank you for applying the same thoughtfulness to our charity as you would to your inspired designs. Your support embodies all that is good about Manchester – we’re interconnected and together can make a real difference to the lives of people experiencing mental distress this year.”


Our founder


Design Giving was founded and curated by one woman, Laura Jane Boast. Founder and Creative Director of Manchester-based design agency, LJB Studio, Laura is a specialist in print production; working with innovative materials for independent designers, makers and manufacturers. Helping to build brands, share stories and engage customers; with over 10 years experience initiating and implementing design for print. Her exceptional attention to detail, passion for luxury printed goods and ambition to push print boundaries fuels successful client projects; ranging from marketing materials and packaging, to branding and signage.

Inspired by her vision to help sustain our natural world and have a positive impact on people’s lives, Laura has taken part in many local charity initiatives; including the recent Women In Print event, raising money for local women’s charities. It was this same desire to use design for good, that led her to choose Manchester Mind as the charity partner for Design Giving.